Chimaira - Yanartaş Tour

Eventhough Çirali is a synonym for Olympos sharing the same beach with the ancient city mentioned, the name Çirali is in connection with the mythologigal site Chimeira from the greek mythology. "Yanartas-Chimeira"-the burning stone, a site of ophiolitic rocks, producing a continuous flow of natural gas on the Northwestern side of Çirali, is the reason for the mythological legend of the Chimeira to be here.

Kekova - Demre - Saint Nicolaus Tour

The long and narrow island of Kekova stretches in front of a well protected bay used today still as a natural harbour and is home for the ancient sites of Simena and Teimiussa. Also the fishing village Üçagiz is worth visiting.

Boat Tour

Phaselis, Three Islands: Visit the ancient city of Phaselis and diving in Three Islands. Porto Ceneviz-Çoban port Sazak Water Island, uninhabited island, fresh water available and a breathtakingly beautiful sea and worth seeing, with white sand beach. Further necessary information about tours of the area, you can catch up with us.

Caretta Carettas

The width of the 3.2 km long beach Cirali alternates between 50-100 m. Starting from the coast, the beach Cirali increases with a slight increase and is bounded to the south of Olympos and in the north of the rocky Karaburun. The beach is also an important breeding area for sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

Olympos Tour

Olympos is a port city located in the II century BC was founded. She has to XV. Century AD maintain their presence upright. The famous legend of Bellerophon took place here. The ancient city of Is sichauf both side One Talsvon incomparable beauty. At the point where the valley and the city meets the sea, a beautiful sandy beach forms. Cirali, within walking distance in one hour from from Olympos, is a very interesting phenomenon. .

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